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Eight Immortals Fable

The Eight Immortals are a group of legendary “xian” in Chinese mythology. Each Immortal's power can be transferred to a power tool that can bestow life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called the "Covert Eight Immortals". Most of them are said to have been born in the Tang or Song Dynasty. They are revered by the Taoists and are also a popular element in the secular Chinese culture. They are said to live on a group of five islands in the Bohai Sea, which includes Penglai Mountain-Island.

The Immortals are:

He Xiangu

Cao Guojiu

Li Tieguai

Lan Caihe

Lü Dongbin

Han Xiangzi

Zhang Guolao

Zhongli Quan

In literature before the 1970s, they were sometimes translated as the Eight Genies. First described in the Yuan Dynasty, they were probably named after the Eight Immorta

Famous Legend of Mount Lu

There is a legend. At the beginning of Zhou Dynasty( about 17 or 16 century B.C.), there was a person named kuangsu, he practiced austerities in Mount Lu. People also call him “Kuangyu” or “Kuangxu” in some books, but “Yu” sounds more reasonable in line with Chinese traditional name and antithetical couplet of the word , so "Su"and"Xu" was the device sound of his name by rumors. But the name that spread generally to claim it as "Su", and very few people know the name "Yu" now, for being convenient, we follow the call which people know well. In addition, people claim “Kuangsu” as “Lusu” at some degree is for the famous mountain reason, after all regarding name of a place as surname is also in accordance with the ancient convention. Rumor has it Kuangsu’s practicing of austerities in Mount Lu was learnt by imperial court, then the emperor invited him to come out of retirement and take up an official, but Kuanhsu refused the invitation by Slipping into the remote mountains. Later, Kuangsu disappeared without a trace. Someone said that he has become the celestial being, this is a baseless gossip naturally. Later on people beautified the story of Kuangsu and called the place where he stayed “the immortal's hut” , and name of Mount Lu come out.

Another kind of legend is spread in Zhou Wuwang's time(King Wu of Zhou, the first king of the Zhou dynasty of ancient China), there was a person named “fangfu”, He entere

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